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“paleo” means old , and “chori” means village. The name serves as a reminder of communal life in relation with nature. In essence, Paleochori is a space dedicated to the moving and sensing human being. A place for questioning corporealities as a practice of acceptance, bridging psychosocial differences, and meeting beyond our skins. A meeting point for embodied approaches and for those who are open and kind enough to encounter themselves through others.


Paleochori is running its third year and is seeking collaborators for the months June, September and October 2024

More specifically we are looking for workshop organizers, retreat leaders, curators, individuals or groups, interested in facilitating artistic or educational projects that deal with one or more of the following subjects:

• the connection between body and mind

learning from nature

learning from each other

holistic approaches in learning

residencies for artistic research

residencies for artistic creation


Paleochori is located in a remote woody site of Lefkada Greece. The land can accommodate up to 26 individuals in normal camping tents or canvas bell tents with mattresses and beddings. There are showers and toilets, a dining area and a large wooden patio, surrounded by trees and facing the sea, where our activities take place. 

The uniqueness of our location and the intentionally small scale, attuned to the needs and possibilities of the natural environment, make the space ideal for activities rooted in:

• our relationship with nature

coexistence and sharing within groups

somatics and other practices of mindfulness

alternative education modules

artistic practices involving improvisation, exploration, research and reflection


⫸ See more detailed info about the venue here


If you want to learn more about our space and the conditions of collaboration, mail us at we’ll be glad to hear from you!


This year’s season begins in May with preparations for the space and some important upgrades!


We are planning to:

Clean and prepare the space – During winter, the venue is closed, so we need to clear bushes, prune, clean, set up shadings, and put PVC on the practicing platform.

• Build a warehouse – Working with stones as the area has plenty of them!

• Assist a blacksmith in making and installing a roof for shading our practicing platform.

• Establish a proper garden for fresh veggies – Dig and prepare the earth, plant seeds, and plants.

• Construct a treehouse – Working with wood, cutting, cleaning, and painting.

• Prepare meals – assisting Kyveli with meal preparation. These volunteers will also work 5 hours per day, yet in different shifts.

We will work in small groups of up to 8 people, and we will distribute tasks based on each individual’s capacity, skills, and willingness!


For this, we’ll need much help, and in return, we offer:

• Accommodation in bell tents with beds.

• 3 vegetarian meals per day.

• Movement, dance, and yoga practices on our open-air platform.

• Activities such as herbal walks, learning how to roll out pastry to bake delicious, traditional pies, and cultural events in the village of Neochori – as it is going to be Easter period.

• Small trips on the island – hiking to the waterfall, hiking to nearby villages, to the beach, etc.

… And our beloved company!


For this season, you can join us during May in two different periods. You can also apply for both of them.

🌿 01 – 10 May 2024

🌿 10 – 20 May 2024

🌿 01 – 20 May 2024


Springtime is magnificent in Lefkada, and you may find yourself not wanting to leave!


In case you are interested in joining us please apply here > until April 10th, 2024.


*We are thrilled to announce that all spots for volunteers have been filled for this May! Thank you so much for your warm response! 🌻🌷🙏 For those who missed it, we’ll have more opportunities next season! Stay tuned! 


If you have any further questions, please let us know at