Rules & Regulations

As a company we have boundaries and criteria which are mapped with specific rules and regulations for all our programs. If you are going to attend one of our programs, we kindly ask you to read and accept the below, as this will facilitate the smooth running of your selected program.

  • Participants should be over 18 years old.
  • Participants who have any kind of injury or health problem, mental or physical, or taking medication for any reason, are requested to submit the required information when arriving on site or before, if requested. The facilitators of the course will be informed of participants’ health history in order to give them the care and the treatment which is the best for them.
  • The use of illegal substances is prohibited during your staying in Paleochori.
  • The consumption of alcohol in the area of Paleochori is not allowed without the permission of the venue’s supervisors.
  • Smoking cigarettes in the area of Paleochori is not allowed, except for the smoking area.
  • Lighting fires in the area of Paleochori is not allowed without the permission of the venue’s supervisors.
  • All facilitators of our programs are experienced professionals yet every participant is responsible for their own physical integrity and health during the program and their staying in the venue of Paleochori. In case of injury or accident during the courses or their staying in the venue, the Company bears no responsibility.
  • Even though we never had to deal with stealing incidents until now, and there is no criminality in the village, every participant is responsible for their personal items during their stay in the venue. In case of loss the company bears no responsibility.
  • All participants must conform to program rules as well as accommodation/staying rules. Any misbehavior with other participants or facilitators, such as verbal or physical violence, disruptive behavior or harassment, will be strictly considered a breach of the Paleochori’s code of conduct and Company representatives have the right to require you to leave the private area of Paleochori.
  • Every participant is requested to fulfill the registration formalities and submit the required information before the start of the course.
  • In case a participant leaves the program at any time and for any reason the company has no obligation to refund the amount he/she has paid.

Directors of Paleochori, Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis & Kyveli Kouvatsi, thank you for your cooperation in following the above Rules and Regulations.