Dance Improvisation and Movement Research Residency July

Dance Improvisation and Movement Research Residency July

01 - 29 July 2024

Open Call: Dance Improvisation and Movement Research Residency


Are you passionate about dance improvisation and movement exploration as tools for personal growth and self-discovery? Paleochori invites you to apply for a unique Residency in Lefkada island.


About the Residency:

Our first residency program offers a supportive environment for those interested in deepening their practice of improvisation and movement research. Located amidst the breathtaking scenery of Lefkada Island, Paleochori will host up to twelve participants in an ideal setting for creative exploration, community work, and reflective inner journeying. The purpose of this residency is purely to provide participants with the space and time to meet and grow as individuals and as a community.


What We Offer:

– A facilitation of care, with the intention for everyone to feel seen and accepted, comfortable, and creative. 

– A non judgemental community of fellow artists and practitioners.

– Opportunities for collaborative exploration and exchange with fellow residents.
– Accommodation in a camp with kitchen, dining and resting areas, showers, toilets, and an 100 square meters open-air studio surrounded by nature and breathtaking view, exclusively for the participants of the residency.

– Various activities including book readings, hiking, swimming, gardening, woodworking, and others related to the local community such as traditional dance classes, music concerts, etc.

What You Have To Take Care Of

– We do not cover travel expenses, we can help by providing an acceptance letter, in order to pursue funding for travel expenses.

– Since the space is isolated and there are no nearby restaurants or food markets, we will provide 2 full meals and 1 light meal per day during the whole residency period (Sundays include only breakfast). We shall also provide accommodation for the duration of the residency in shared bell tents of three or four with mattresses and bed linens provided (participants can choose their roommates). To cover the expenses of these services for the whole month, participants are required to contribute with the amount of 450 euros.


Who Should Apply:

We welcome applications from individuals and groups who view improvisation and movement exploration as pathways to personal growth, self-discovery, and embodied knowledge.
This residency is for professional dancers and/or dedicated movement researchers seeking to deepen their understanding of their craft, exchange practices, question and broaden their methodologies. We invite those who are committed to inner exploration and self-awareness through body and mind, and who seek a supportive community to engage in encounters with the ‘other’.


More details regarding the residency

Kyveli Kouvatsi and Yorgos Sioras Deligiannis will provide gentle facilitation, focusing mostly on practical aspects such as space operation and safety. However, this shared experience of co-living and co-practicing is primarily designed to be self and collectively regulated. Day-to-day activities can vary from sharing practices to collective book readings and movie nights, as well as engaging in creative initiatives, open talks with or without the local community, public interventions, bread making, or hiking to the waterfalls. 

We ‘ll have daily group circles and take care of the space to maintain its functionality. There will be no requested outcome for the residency, instead, our focus will be on simply being and being together.

During the residency, participants will engage in various practices of decision-making within their improvisational and research processes, but also in relation to the co-living experience. These decisions serve as opportunities for self-exploration and discovery in a set up where everyone is seen, and seen as equal.

Through making choices in movement and life, participants can deepen their understanding of their bodies, expand their movement vocabulary, and engage in a self learning process. This can only be enchanted by the collaborative nature of improvisation, fostering communication, adaptability, and collective learning, contributing to the overall growth and development of each participant.

From improvisation techniques to self-expression and from emotional exploration and somatic awareness to creativity, this is a journey that is impossible to predict. For the collaborative nature of this residency, we can only hope that it will excel in its cultural exchange nature and become a community-building experience that will address social issues, challenge norms, and inspire positive change.

Last but not least, we would love to meet individuals who are interested in topics such as:

– Movement research and the creative processes in dance

– Impro and micro activisms
– Critical improvisation
– Partnering improvisation tactics for reflection
– Decolonised techniques
– Decentralized dance narratives
– Re-moving trauma and re-empowerment
– Posthumanism and eco-dances

About Paleochori
Paleochori is an artist-run hosting space for retreats, educational programs, and artistic residencies on Lefkada Island, Greece. Our vision is to create a meeting point for people and practices that value nature, honor sensorial experiences, welcome diverse corporealities, and dare to reflect through others.


Application Details:

– Duration of Residency: July 01 – 29, 2024

– Deadline for Applications: April 07, 2024

The results of the open call will be announced until April 25, 2024.

– To apply, please follow the link in order to fill the application form

*Please have in mind that in the application form you will be asked to provide a link of a maximum five-minute video of you talking, dancing, or engaging in any activity you prefer to introduce yourself to us through this medium. 


Do you have questions regarding this call?

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