Volunteering is a key practice in Paleochori that plays an important role in the proper regulation of the programs and at the same time allowing us to offer a partial experience of unique retreats and high quality workshops for free. It is really important to us to offer these spots in order to give access to people who want to attend our programs but they cannot afford it. 

Full volunteering option:

Every year we offer one spot for a volunteer that will attend at least two weeks, and he/she will be in an assistant manager position of 4 hours per day, with one day off by arrangement, in exchange for free attendance at all classes, accommodation and meals.

This person helps ensure the flow of the program, and shares the experience outward through social networks! They are a key member of our team, and we are looking for a person who is passionate about and deeply connected to the philosophy of our space.

Partly-volunteering option:

We also offer three spots in every week, of partly-volunteering, for people who are interested in attending a workshop or retreat but cannot afford it. ​This option refers to 1,5 hour work per day, in order for volunteers to be able to participate regularly in the whole day of workshops. Their tasks are simple and have mostly to do with keeping the space tied up and clean, and helping with serving and cleaning the bouffet etc. All works will be shared with the other volunteers and usually a volunteer has no more than two tasks to do every day.

In this way they do not pay tuition fees at all, but pay only for their accommodation and meals.

How to join us:

Due to the fact that the spots for volunteering are limited, and we really want to give priority to people that need them, we usually ask for a few words about themselves, their motivation to join our program, as well as, in which way they find it interesting, and how they would benefit from it physically / emotionally / mentally / educationally / professionally or in any other way.

~Right now we are offering a full volunteering spot for the periods 26th of August – 11th of September, 2023 and 9th – 25th of September, 2023.

So, in case you are interested, we are looking forward to hearing from you! For any questions, please feel free to ask at paleochoricamp@gmail.com

We will be happy to receive your emails!